Thursday, September 6, 2007

Media Overload

I left my cell phone at home today. In the typical morning frenzy of grabbing my pilates mat, gym bag, purse, banana and other assorted snacks, I left my BlackBerry buddy behind. Once I got past the initial feeling of shock and social inadequacy (not to mention I had no idea what time it was), it was a little refreshing to know that I couldn't be contacted while I was commuting through the city.

Let's face it, sometimes we are overloaded with media. I wake up in the morning to the tune of my cell phone alarm and clock radio, then automatically turn on Today. On my way to work on the bus, I pass countless billboards as I read my EW and listen to my iPod. Upon sitting at my desk, I immediately open my iGoogle page, check my Bloglines feeds and read DailyCandy. I check my Facebook page and spend an entire day with Outlook. At night, I cook dinner (usually a recipe that I found online and saved to my page for future reference), watch Food Network and send countless text messages.

I haven't blogged much recently because this amazing amount of media consumption has been somewhat overwhelming. My daily inspiration hasn't felt as unique or special when I know the next day will bring something even more interesting and different.

I think my vacation is over and it's time to write again. But sometimes I feel like I'm constantly running out the door and it's hard to grab everything!

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