Thursday, January 31, 2008

Everyone's a Foodie

Whether I'm in a hotel for business or pleasure, I find myself browsing through all of the provided reading materials (save the Bible tucked away in a drawer). Last night, I discovered a Seattle magazine with a picture of some amazing blueberry pancakes on the cover. "Breakfast for dinner would be great," I thought to myself, yet decided on some standard room service fare instead.

Everyone, it seems, is a foodie these days. From culinary mini-classes at Williams-Sonoma to 30 Minute Meals recipe books, who doesn't think they can be the next Thomas Keller? just relaunched their site, which is a clean and easy-to-navigate version of it's predecessor. It's yet another resource for everyday people to find inspiration for their upcoming meals.

Photography has played a big role in this shift. With Flickr tagging (my last "food" search yielded 2.477MM results) and sites like Tastespotting (which I have blogged about before!), culinary inspiration does not just come from the higher powers anymore. Every time I'm in the kitchen, I often have the need to grab my camera and snap a few macro shots myself.

So, maybe the person that took the blueberry pancakes picture wasn't a self-proclaimed foodie. But his/her work was enough to get me thinking about possibilities in the kitchen...and what my next brunch should look like.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Is that a pita in your pocket, or...

I typically think of my best business ideas while I'm out running. I've considered everything from fashion consultant companies to snack food stands to boutiques but I still haven't come up with something as brilliant as the Pita Pocket Bag.

So a few people may laugh when I pull it out at Nordstrom or J.Crew, but how much more fun would that be than your standard Coach wallet? While the burger phone from Juno is #1 on my food-items-turned-accessories list, the Pita Pocket Bag is a close second.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Material Girl

Ah, Tuesday. The day that DailyCandy Deals are delivered to my inbox and I am suddenly inspired to do some online shopping. There is nothing like the thrill of finding a good deal, especially when it's on something you've been coveting for a while. I've had my eye on a pair of brown boots recently, ever since I saw them on a very stylish girl near Union Square.

After a few rounds of Googling (since I am a hardcore comparison shopper and I like to see lots of images before I purchase something), I stumbled upon It's like collages + shopping + your own closet, all rolled into one. You are able to add items to a "set" and then save it for other users to view. This gives everyone the freedom to create outfits from items all over the web, which obviously isn't possible when you are cruising around on specific e-tailer sites. How else could you virtually combine a shirt from J.Crew with a dress from Nordstrom?

Even cooler still, is the fact that you can embed code onto your own social networking page. All of your friends will be able to see your favorite outfits and maybe tell you if the date outfit you like maybe isn't a good idea after all.