Tuesday, May 15, 2007

If Razzies Ruled the World

There is no greater bonding experience than shifting through boxes of bargain DVDs with someone at Amoeba. The thrill of flipping through discounted (and often forgotten) movie titles is not just an interest or hobby...but a skill. With practice, you too can skip past the half-decent ones and pull out gems like While You Were Sleeping in no time at all.

For those of you who lack this special skill, there is now The Slow Roll. A site dedicated to analyzing everything from Glitter to...well, what's worse than that? I guess that's up to the Slow Roll boys to decide. They've taken bad movies and turned it into an art form...freeing up precious spots on your Netflix queue.

Their current feature is:

Enjoy! (Shout out to Eric for creating an awesome site!)

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