Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ryder's Fireside Corner #2

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Google TV:
Google is now buying up TV ad blocks on The Dish Network and selling the slots through their their bid model. CPM's average around $12 but the testing and data collection are the key selling points (Track the length of time users watch the ad and at what point the change channels).
All major networks and dayparts are available and the Google UI allows advertisers to target geo, demo (age/gender), and network and daypart.
Could it be that the data jockies running search campaigns can now turn their high powered analytical powers on the largest media in the world! We will make those archaic, antequated traditional ad agency dinosaurs obsolete before long! Ok, so it's still in beta and the volume is not very large yet but old Ryder is all over this puppy. I can't wait to unleash some Excel fury on these reports and optimize the campaign with German precision.

eBay Dumps Google Paid Search Ads:
Today eBay announced they will discontinue running paid ads in Google AdWords. Their press reasoning was that they were moving the budgets into more efficient avenues but it was also convenient timing. For you see, Google has been trying to get eBay to use Google Checkout as opposed to eBay owned PayPal, which charges users a transaction fee. Well, Google had a big rally planned to take place during eBay's national conference in Boston called "Let Freedom Ring", let's just say eBay did not find this amusing.
Google has cancelled the rally and apologized profusely as eBay was pumping about $100M into AdWords annual as well as funding Larry Page's replica Millenium Falcon reconstruction. eBay has agreed to re-activate their campaigns if Larry agrees to personally hand deliver the iPod Shuffle not sent to their search manager last Christmas. The terms would also require Mr. Page to wear a Sunday dress and bonnet on such delivery. Google has announced no plans of following up on the offer.

Search Management Powermove of the Month:
Separate match type campaigns. Copy a high traffic campaign and set all terms to exact match. Revert the original campaign to only broad match. Test away! Are users getting all the traffic on broad match? If so then you need a larger keyword list to lower CPC and optimize more precisely. Expect better performance from exact match and start with a higher bid in this campaign.

Excel Powermove of the Month:
Press F2 on a cell to edit it without leaving the keyboard.

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