Friday, February 1, 2008

Pizza My Heart

When a pizza craving hits me, I rarely opt for the chain restaurant variety. I typically stroll up a few blocks to my favorite neighborhood joint or bust out the Pillsbury dough (yep, Pillsbury) and whip one up on my own.

Domino's, however, is starting to tempt hungry people like me with its technology offerings. They are testing pizza tracking in 3,200 of its 8,000+ stores in the U.S. For safety reasons, customers won't be able to know exactly where the driver is, but the automated system can say whether or not the pie has left the store.

Pizza service technology (for lack of a better term) has taken shape in recent months. Papa John's and Pizza Hut have both introduced text-to-order and allows customers to rank pizzas created by others. The last time I checked, there were 11,800+ "registered pizzas," ready for ordering. Social networking for pizza? I doubt that is the last new media pizza offering we'll see this year...

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