Thursday, January 23, 2014

Facebook Steps Up Its Mobile Ad Game

We've all been wondering (well, maybe not all of us!) what would happen after the Facebook acquisition of the Atlas ad server in Feb 2013. It turns out their sights are set on mobile first. They're running small tests with publishers and advertisers to serve Facebook ads across a number of third-party mobile apps. This test also gives Facebook the ability to track clicks and conversions without cookies.

Source: Getty Images

The breadth of data available to Facebook is unquestionable. From our engagement actions (likes, comments, shares) to the information within our profile pages, Facebook is set up on the back end to have a very successful ad network. I am anxious to learn more about the quality of inventory (they're remaining hush-hush about which apps they've partnered with) and the exact targeting parameters available for these mobile buys.

(BTW, yes -- this blog is alive and kicking again!)

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