Thursday, April 19, 2007

Getting Your Green On

Earth Day is this Sunday, which means everyone and their mom is jumping on the "green" bandwagon. PG&E's "Let's Green This City" campaign has caught my attention while running errands, during my morning commute, shopping, etc. From Muni bus stops to the SF Chronicle to online banners (one that I ran into tests your recycle tong skills by dropping trash into a bin), they have made the green lifestyle seem fun and accessible for everyone.

What makes these ads both interesting and powerful is how they have tapped into the emotional feeling of living in San Francisco- giving everyone a sense of ownership and pride. Several of their ads (and even their site) showcase familiar landmarks around the city, such as the Transamerica Pyramid and the Bay Bridge. Some examples of copy:

“Green is Saturdays at the Embarcadero.”
Green is buying locally grown produce to cut down on transportation pollution. And it’s helping make our city the greenest in the nation.

“Green is yellow.”
It’s the color of that big orb in the sky responsible for such gifts as sunsets, sun-dried tomatoes and renewable power. Green is solar energy. And it’s helping make our city the greenest in the nation.

Be sure to visit the site and find out how you can participate in Earth Day activities this Sunday. The site includes videos, discussion boards, examples of their ads and event calendars. Overall, it's a great example of an integrated campaign that speaks to many audiences and educates the consumer, rather than preaches to them about being environmentally aware.

Happy (early) Earth Day!

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