Friday, April 13, 2007


It's no surprise that everyone uses the internet for networking these days. Between the match.coms and shared Google calendars of the world, there are also endless galleries to browse, and more blogs than anyone would care to count.

I, of course, am just as prone to getting sucked into Web 2.0 as anyone else. In fact, there is a lot of fun in seeing how many views your latest Flickr set has gotten, and who has saved your photos as a "favorite".

Another fun feature of Flickr is the ability to see the latest photos uploaded by your contacts. In fact, this very feature is what led me to find out that one of my friends is now engaged! The main picture was appropriately titled "The Ring". Ironically, there are probably groups of strangers that discovered that set of photos before his friends!

How much of our lives do we want to publicly share? How much smaller will the world become as our media consumption changes?

Please excuse me while I visit Flickr and make sure none of my friends are having kids.

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