Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Beyond the Treadmill

Ah, nothing like the feeling of putting on your running shoes and heading to enjoy the scenery and fresh air. You say to yourself, "I am exercising because it makes me feel good! And it relieves stress!"

If only that were true. You want to know how many calories you burned in order to justify that lunchtime burger and milkshake, and the chocolate croissant you scarfed down at 10 am. You want to know how far you ran, and many miles closer to are to fitting into your favorite outfit from 2004.

Enter, a great site for mapping routes and getting inspiration from fellow runners. The technology is based around Google Maps, allowing you to zoom and drag with ease. The first step is entering your zip code, which then takes you to the general area where you will be starting your run. From there, you can search through saved routes (from other users) or create your own.

For each marker you place (by clicking on the map), it will calculate the distance between legs and how long it should take based on the speed you enter. Pretty cool, right? Now if only there was a site that pushed us out the door to go for a run everyday...

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