Monday, April 16, 2007

What are you doing?

The world wants to know what you are doing. Or, maybe the world doesn't want to know about you specifically but is an intriguing demonstration of what happens when people collectively share (small) pieces of their lives.
is focused around one question: "What are you doing?" Consumers can answer through IM, mobile, or right on the site. Current responses include, "stressing" and "heading out to a meeting". Users also have the option of displaying a thumbnail picture alongside their response and alias. Do people read the responses and feel that maybe they should be doing something more exciting? Are these a source of inspiration, or maybe even a way to breathe a sigh of relief that we're not the guy that's "home with a headache"?

Facebook already offers the same functionality to update your status, and my friends have written things ranging from: feelings, how they feel about a trip, what class they are in, what they are studying, how bored they are at work, etc. However, the hyper-simplification that we see with Twitter is making social networking even more accessible across age groups as well as media platforms (combination of web + IM + mobile).

Today is also National Eggs Benedict Day. A perfect thing to Twitter about.

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