Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Taking Your Show On the Road

The latest press release from Hands-On Mobile announced that they are taking the popular video game Guitar Hero (which just became available on XBox 360 this month) and moving it into the mobile space. The company's hope is that the immersive music/gameplay experience will now be available anytime you're on the go.

Mobile gaming, like the gaming industry in general, is trying to "have something for everyone," whether it be sudoku or True Crime. From a competitive/industry perspective, there are many things to consider:

1) Mobile consoles (Nintendo DS, PSP) have better graphics and truly appeal to the crowd that needs an extension of the console gaming experience on the road

2) Lack of standardization across phones and carriers makes it difficult to distribute games and analyze metrics

3) Pricing and payment structures are a barrier for consumers, as many are hesitant to download games for the first time- mostly to avoid dreaded recurring monthly charges

4) Mobile marketing companies like Third Screen Media and Enpocket are struggling to understand the consumer and give them content they want without being intrusive (research shows that most cell phone users are skeptical of ads)

As the mobile gaming space continues to evolve, users are also becoming more sophisticated in the ways they consume content on the go. Weather and sports are the most popular categories, but companies like Hands-On Mobile are hoping that gaming will become an equally habitual activity.

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