Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Marketers are trying to get me to eat more chips

I wouldn't say I have a sweet tooth. When I'm in the mood to snack, I'm ready for something salty...crunchy...and my weaknesses are Goldfish (Original, not Cheddar) and popcorn. Now, perhaps I'll have a reason to reach for a bag of chips also. Frito-Lay has recently researched women's feelings about snacking and guilt in an effort to produce new packaging, new flavors and even a new ad campaign.

The study found that women are snacking more than men; however, 61% of them tend to reach for drinks, fruits and veggies. Only 14% go for salty foods. Neuromarketing was used in this study, and 100 women kept journals about their lives for two whole weeks. According to the logs, women felt often felt guilty about a variety of things -- ranging from snacking to not seeing their children enough. Frito-Lay hopes to use new packaging and messaging to avoid tripping a woman's guilt during snack time.

I'm not entirely convinved that eating chips will ever feel 100% guilt-free. Even if I reach for a bag of Baked Lays during lunchtime, carrots or apple slices would clearly be the smarter option. But, what fun is snacking without just a little bit of guilt? :)

Source: NYTimes

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