Thursday, February 19, 2009

Marketing fun with Coraline

On Tuesday night, I had the pleasure of seeing Coraline in 3D. What started as a lighthearted, playful "kids" movie quickly turned into a creepy, intense adventure.

The Coraline microsite itself incorporates the whimsy of the game into a digital environment. The marketing, however, didn't stop there. Laika Studios, the company behind the film, sent out handmade boxes full of goodies to blogs that they follow. 50 in all were sent to blogs like Pink Is The New Blog and NOTCOT. Very cool. I'm personally jealous because all of the boxes were absolutely amazing! They contain objects and themes from the movie itself, down to the actual handwriting on the address labels.

Not only are the boxes and their contents visually stunning, it was extremely clever of someone to come up with the idea to send them to bloggers. We always say it's time to "influence the influencers!"

Pictured: The box sent to NOTCOT

Source: NOTCOT

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