Monday, February 9, 2009

Taking Reading to the Next Level: Amazon Kindle 2

Even non-readers may want to take a look at this.

The new version of Amazon's popular book reader, the Kindle, has seven times the memory as the original. The Kindle 2 also boasts faster page-turns and a clearer black-and-white display. The new design has round keys and a joystick-like controller for easier navigation.

When Oprah professed her love for the first version of the Kindle, it was an instant hit. People were excited to get their favorite books delivered to them instantly and electronically, even if they were traveling or commuting. Through Sprint's Whispernet technology, users can access more than 230,000 available books. Top U.S. newspapers like The New York Times and Washington Post are all auto-delivered wirelessly.

Today's portable media makes it easier than ever for people of all ages to take content with them on the road. Now, there are even fewer excuses to pick up that book and turn a few pages.

Source: NYTimes

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